WhatsApp for Windows Telephone Refresh Brings New Landing page, Expands Media Sharing Point of confinement to 30


WhatsApp has revived its Windows Phone application to exhibit another diagram and various new segments. The revive meets up for the WhatsApp Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Versatile application, and thumps the variation up to 2.17.52.

The WhatsApp v2.17.52 invigorate for Windows Phone grows the media sharing top limit to 30 records. In advance, customers could share up to 10 photos and recordings at one time so to speak. This was a torment point for some when offering photos and recordings to various partners after a wedding/event/or an event trip. The WhatsApp addition of top purpose of repression to 30 media records brings all the all the more breathing space for sharing mass photos. iPhone customers similarly got relative raise in best limits in a current invigorate, while it’s still in beta for Android customers.

Mspoweruser reports that the WhatsApp invigorate in like manner brings a redesignd point of arrival, which fundamentally incorporates changing to Microsoft’s new Turn style found in various neighborhood applications like People and Photos.

WhatsApp is wearing down redesigning its Status Messages highlight too. The latest beta interpretation of WhatsApp for Windows Phone exhibits that the Facebook-had association would like to convey new functionalities with the improved Status region. WhatsApp, later on, will serve sees each time a customer changes its status. WhatsApp will allow you to calm and unmute status sees for specific customers, and even let you see the peaceful summary if required. The new WhatsApp Status Message highlight will in like manner allow you to reply to your contacts’ status messages, a part that is all in all gotten from Snapchat Stories. This limit was seen in WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone 2.17.44+ variation.

The new WhatsApp Status incorporate has been jumping up on various interpretations of Android and iOS as well. The component is fundamentally wanting to tell customers when one of their contacts changes their status message. Regardless, there are a lot of changes looking for the WhatsApp Status highlight, most strikingly the push cautioning, and the ability to eradicate the status in 24 hours.


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