Google Launches a Standalone VR Headset in 2017


We are hours from the Google Keynote address at the association’s yearly architect meeting, I/O 2017. It obligated to see huge presentation on a couple of things. Just before start of the I/O 2017, another report has ensured that the association is ready to dispatch an autonomous VR headset.

Reports about Google tackling a free VR headset that does not require an Android PDA to control it, like the Rigging VR or Google Cardboard do, have been making rounds on the Web for over a year.

As shown by a report by Assortment, the bleeding edge VR headset from Google won’t require any contraption to control it, not whatsoever like Stare off into space headset disclosed a year prior. The report refering to various sources with learning of the wander says that the headset will consolidate back to front positional after. It includes that Google may give obliged see of the autonomous VR headset at the event. There’s also said to be a credibility that Google may scrap the revealing of the autonomous VR headset at I/O 2017 and focus on existing Fantasy VR headset.

The Google Keynote at I/O 2017 will start at 10am PDT (10:30pm IST), and will presumably watch Chief Sundar Pichai beginning the methodology. You would watch have the capacity to the live stream of the event through specialist I/O site. One of the best affirmations in the midst of the I/O meeting is depended upon to connect with Android’s next huge cycle, Android O.

Google I/O 2017 could in like manner watch invigorate on things like Allo and Google+ among others. The association can be depended upon to report movements on its Machine acknowledging which is at present on a couple Google suite of uses. The yearly originator meeting can be also used by the association to give a revive about Android applications for Chrome OS.


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